Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Little Update :)

Photo taken at I-Shou University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

It has been a while since my last trip to Taiwan. Busy life keep reminds me to have a little break to somewhere else, reminds me of getting myself a flight ticket and fly out of Malaysia for a week or more leaving all those breathless stuffs behind. *Sigh, I wish I can.* 

I would not have any chance to type something here if my lecturer still in the country. I am so happy that he is attending a conference at China for two weeks, I do not need to stay up to 4 in the morning every single day for two weeks just for his subject. Final Year is so not fun. No fun at all. I can only sleep for 2-4 hours per day. Miserable study life. T.T  

The same nightmare repeated day and night, almost every single of the day, lately. Dreaming of someone ( I can't remember who is he/she) never stop yelling at me saying " You-fat-till-no-medicine-cure-already!". This.Is.So.Not.Good. NOT.GOOD.  So tensed up whenever see the weighing machine pointer pointed a little right more every time I stand on it. I-am-so-NOT-gonna-go-back-to-my-80kgs-body-shape!Hell no! :( 

More and more friends are getting married lately. My very first "red boom" falls on my coming 22nd birthday! Marriage and birthday on the same day. And I just received a news from bestie, another bestie is getting married too coming October. Congratulations to you guys! Thanks for informed me earlier so that I have to to DIET. *jokes* Who is next? Who is next? :) 

So lastly, which place in Malaysia should I go for my coming birthday? So-No-Idea. Any suggestion, please? :) 

I'm having a good Wednesday. 
And I do miss Taiwan very much.
Signing off~!